In a typical retail outlet, you can find a combinations of “local” and international biscuits, with the mix depending on the target consumer, western vs asiatic oriented.

For example, in a small proximit “ZOOM” market of JLT, one residential/business area close to Dubai Marina, you can find two type of caramel biscuits:

  • the famous Lotus
  • the similar made in Oman “Caramelito”


Lotus is made in Belgium and define themself “biscoff’,a biscuits, in USA will fall in cookies category.

The producer, Lotus Bakeries is still family-owned and based in its home town, Lembeke.

The names Lotus comes after the flower, and it’s meant to simbolize purity as since 1932 the creator Boone used only natural ingredients.

It is a good dunking biscuits and goes well with milk and coffee, and since 1950 the company started to produce them also single wrapped to sell it to cafes and bars.

The ingredients? Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil (palm oil from sustainable and certified plantations, rapeseed oil), candy sugar syrup, raising agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate), soy flour, salt, cinnamon.

So apparently the company choose to remain to stay true at original receipt instead of following the global crusade against the palm oil.

To complete the range, Lotus expanded in icecream and spreadable market, with a stick chocolate coated (3x90ml) and a crunchy (19-/380g) or plain (200/400g) biscuit`s spread.

Lotus also propose on his well made website luscius receipt to increase their sales and your weight gain, like this Lotus mascarpone that seem deliciuos.


The Caramelito alternatives, visually we can say that at least “takes inpirations” from Lotus Biscoff packaging,and it’s a smaller version.

It`s produced Nabil National Biscuits of Oman, a company with an outstanding range of products and a good social media presence, notwithstandin an outdated website.

The flavor nevertheless is surprisingly diffent, milkier the Caramelito and roasted for the Lotus, with more cinnamon hint.

Smell as well reflect the flavour.

Overall, I will say that this old style biscuits representing the category of the Speculaas /Speculoos Dutch/Flemish caramelised biscuits, have a distinguish tast and could find some lover in the customer base.


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